If you feel like having a tour and exercise as well, this is a place for you!

A most popular place for exercise, Temple of Heaven
A most popular place for exercise, Temple of Heaven


The Temple of Heaven  is a multifaceted as well as complicated combination of religious and philosophical traditions and concepts.

The temple is situated in the south east part of Beijing. The temple in older days was visited by the Ming and the Qing dynasties during annual ceremonies, especially for having a good harvest. Currently, the temple is one of the most popular places for exercise, as it has a huge park. The Temple of Heaven was constructed by King Yongle during the 1406 to 1420. It took a total time of 16 years to build. King Yongle was also the one who made the entire Forbidden City of China in Beijing. It however, got its name changed during the 16th century when emperor Jiajing was the ruler.

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