Canada may have been famous for travel attractions like the Niagara Falls, Mont Real Park and Harbourfront Centre, but are you aware that this lovely country also plays a big part during the world’s Jurassic period?

Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is in the Dinosaur Provincial Park in Calgary, Alberta where the most number of dinosaur bones have been found.

Only a 30-minute drive from Brooks, this park contains the Valley of Moon, which is restricted to many visitors as this contains one of the richest fossils in the planet—boasting of 40 species of dinosaur all in all. 
Take a peek at Dinosaur Provincial Park’s Valley of Moon in this clip shared to us by John Novotny, who says,
The preserve, only accessible by guided tour, has the largest amount of Dinosaur bones found anywhere in the world and has earned UNESCO World Heritage status as a result.

So start planning your trip to Calgary today!

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